Egyptian Art

By Tyler Mason

The Periods of the Egyptian Art

Predynastic (4210 BC-2680 BC)

Old Kingdom (2680 BC-2259 BC)

Middle Kingdom (2258 BC-1786 BC)

New Kingdom (1786 BC-1786 BC)

Third Intermediate Period (1069 BC-664 BC)

First Intermediate Period, Late Period and Second Persian Period (664 BC-332 BC)

Ptolemaic Kingdom (332 BC-30 BC)

Roman Egypt (30 BC to Chistianization in the 4th century AD)

The Reasons of Egyptian Art

They built pyramids for their Pharaohs when they died or was going to die soon.

The Egyptians loved gold. They put gold on everything.

They made Sphinx which is a cat with a mans head. The Sphinx were huge and were made to honor Pharaohs.

They also made their art to honor their gods.

They made their hieroglyphics because they like to tell legends and stories.

They did most of their stuff to honor their gods and Pharaoh.

The Art of Egypt was Amazing

They Used These Meduims: Limestone, Rock, Sandstone, and Gold

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