By: Sydney Dickson

What if you wanted to be a veterinarian?

If you wanted to be a vet, you would want to have your bachelors degree in college. The most common major to get your bachelors degree in is, biology. You also have to spend at least 4 years in college to be able to work as a professional vet. At the end of the semester of your fourth year you have to take and pass the NAVLE test. After the 4 years are up, most vets work as an intern at a veterinary clinic or office. As a vet you get to choose the perticular field of animal care. For example, vets who specialize in orthopedics work with bones and movement. In North America, there are more than seventy-thousand people that are learning how to become vets.

Why do vets have to go to school for so long?

They have to go to school to make sure they get enough information to treat the animal correctly or something could go wrong. Vets have to be super careful to the animal's behavior so they can tell what is wrong with them. Animals can't just say what's wrong with them like humans can, that's another reason vets have to pay attention. After looking for clues, they decide what kind of medicine they need. Most vet interns work during the day but, most vet offices offer twenty-four hour care.
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