Forest Heights 2014

Welcome Back Cardinals


I hope that everyone has enjoyed their holidays, friend and family time. Now that we are back it's our hopes that you’re excited for another great year! Remember how important your job is, and that our community respects and appreciates what you do here. We expect that it will be full speed ahead with TEACHING, LEARNING and ACCESSING in each of your classrooms . Please read some of our upcoming events below to keep you up to date on school happenings.

No Tutoring this Week...

MOY MCLASS Testing begins 2/7/14

Please prepare for testing next week:

  • Make a schedule of students to be tested each day
  1. Test all students that are blue and green first
  2. Test all students that are strategic second
  3. Test all students that are intensive last (This leaves more time for instruction and success on test)
  • Leave some wiggle room for the unexpected in your schedule
  • Look at the calendar for workdays and event days /non-testing days when creating schedule
  • All teachers need to test DIBELS first!
  • TRC testing happens after DIBELS has been completed.

11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline

1. Focusing 2. Direct Instruction 3. Monitoring 4. Modeling 5. Non-Verbal Cuing 6. Environmental Control 7. Low-Profile Intervention Click the link to see more...

Happy Birthday

Vivian Caraballo's Dec. 25th

Walter Wilson's Dec. 29th

Teena Floyd's Jan 1st

Melissa Begyn's Jan 4th