Touching SpiritBear

Can a mythical bear help a boy beyond human reach?

written by:Ben Mikaelsen Read by Austin

At fifteen Cole Mathews has been fighting and stealing for years. The punishment for smashing Peter Driscal's skull into the sidewalk.Cole's most recent crime-is harsh. Cole has to choose between prison and Native American circle Justice.

Cole meets some men named Garvey and Edwin.

Garvey and Edwin are from an island named Drake.

Cole's mom is Cindy Mathews and his dad is William Mathews.Will has done alot of bad things to Cole.

Now the book gets excited.

Cole goes to the island with Garvey and Edwin.When they get there they build a cabin for Cole.

After Garvey and Edwin leave Cole burns down the cabin with anger.Later that night Cole meets the spirit bear.Cole then taunted the spirit bear.Once the spirit bear left Cole tries to swim away and the tide pulls him back. He gets back on shore and falls asleep.

Fall seven times stand up eight.

The next time Cole meets the spirit bear the spirit bear maules Cole.

Read the book to find out more!