Principal Ponderings

November 4, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and attendance at Parent/Teacher Conferences last month. The first trimester will end Wednesday, November 27th. Report cards will be mailed home Wednesday, December 4th. Please continue communication with your child’s teachers to assure a strong end to the trimester! There is no school on Wednesday, November 27th.

Thanks to all of the parents chaperoning the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip! Without you, we could not offer such a great opportunity for our kids! Thanks to Jay Kirkey, Cheryl Elmer and the rest of the LMS staff for organizing and giving of their time to make this trip possible!

The next Parent Koffee Klatch meeting is Tuesday, November 5th from 4:00-5:00 PM in the LMS media center. We will go over upcoming events, fund-raising opportunities, and discuss general questions.

Please feel free to contact the main office with any questions/concerns you may have. Open, two-way communication is an important factor in the success of LMS.


Julie Brown

Talented Talons

We are off to a great start! The Talented Talons are a group of great kids and includes some mighty fine students. The Team Building field trip last month was huge success. Students were able to make some new friends and learn how important it is to work together to achieve a goal.

Language Arts

In language arts, students are finishing up a nonfiction reading unit. Students learned how to successfully read and comprehend nonfiction literature using the SQ3R reading strategy.

Next, students will be working on a process description essay. Students will be tasked with writing a step-by-step how-to paper about an activity that they enjoy. Once finished with the writing assignment, we will then work on speaking and listening skills, as the students will be asked to create a presentation and show it off to the class!

Social Studies

Students have completed their first unit of study which was on Mapping Skills and an introduction to the Western Hemisphere. I am very proud of how well they performed. We began Chapter One, “A Geographer’s World”, with a launching activity that allowed the students to become geographers. They had to look at pictures and ask two questions about the picture. Where is located and why it is there? This is a fun unit because students will build globes and do some fun hands-on activities. Their test over Chapter One will be in about two and a half weeks.


It is amazing how much time flies when you are having fun! We can’t believe that it is already almost the end of the first tri-mester. So far the Talented Talons have had an exceptional year. Students have successfully transitioned to the middle school and are feeling more comfortable in their surroundings. Here are just a few reminders of what it takes to be a successful middle school student:

1. Come to class prepared. This means having all the materials necessary for that class period. (pencil, books, folders, homework, etc.)

2. Turn in all assignments – One of the biggest culprits of low grades is missing work.

3. Participate in Class – This means engaging in class discussions, working cooperatively with peers, and asking questions when needed.

4. Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

We are looking forward to another fun and exciting tri-mester!

In Science we are exploring metric measurement and will be testing on that tentatively the second week of November. After that we will be looking at the changes of the state of matter. This includes freezing, melting, condensation, vaporization, sublimation, and deposition. Students have done an awesome job with their independent practice choice work to support their understanding of the learning targets. They should also be keeping track of their progress on the learning targets in their interactive notebook. I am always available for those who need extra help.


For the most part, students have made a really smooth transition to on-line homework practices. But to increase student understanding, I’m now requiring students to complete and turn in the written portion of homework that is part of the questions asked on-line. For further progress on a successful math year, keep these tips in mind.

• Pay attention to the entry directions for each question. ie. - round to nearest tenth

• Don’t wait until the last day to complete homework as you may experience computer problems and then be unable to meet the deadline

• If you answer incorrectly, instead of just choosing another answe, read the helpful hints that pop up

• Take advantage of the "show me another example" and "help me solve this" buttons to reinforce your understanding.

• Ask questions during or after class.

Parents please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at

Winged Warriors

It was a pleasure to meet with so many of you during parent-teacher conferences. Thank you for making school a priority.

In social studies, we are starting unit one, An Introductory to World Geography. In the first chapter, the students will learn to see the world through a geographer’s eye. They will learn about the topics and issues that geographers study. They will learn what shapes Earth’s features and how human systems shape the world. They will study five important themes of geography: location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction. Finally, the students will learn about the tools that geographers use.

In Language Arts, students are continuing their intensive unit study of non-fiction. Students have been exposed to various forms of non-fiction texts and created a newspaper article and a restaurant menu. Students will be finishing up the reading portion in a couple of weeks and will be researching different legendary monsters/creatures. They will pool their research information into small groups and create oral presentations. Students will also be writing personal narratives to round out the unit. Weekly spelling lessons and Friday quizzes will continue.

In math classes, we have started algebra. Students have learned the difference between expressions and equations. We have also learned how to make equivalent expressions and how to solve one step equations. Next we will be looking at the similarities and differences between equations and inequalities. The topic 3 test is currently scheduled for Oct. 30th. Students will have a topic review and practice test before taking the test. Please remember to look for grades on Digits, not ParentVue, for up to date math grades.

In Science, we have begun using the text book, The Nature of Matter. After a study of the atom, we will learn about elements, compounds and mixtures. It is important that students use their planners and bring all materials to class. Use ParentVue to keep track of your child’s progress. As always, if you have questions or concerns call or e-mail.

Regal Eagles

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who attended conferences. It is our pleasure to work with you and your students this year. Be sure to stay in contact with us throughout the year whenever you have concerns or questions.

The beginning of the year is an important time to promote good work habits. Encourage your child to use the school provided planner and make frequent checks on homework and study time. Use ParentVue to stay informed of upcoming tests and quizzes and to encourage your child to keep up with assignments in a timely fashion.

Each month teachers throughout the team select a student to recognize for their effort and citizenship in class. We have many worthy recipients to celebrate in the months ahead. Keep up the good work!

Learning is in full force! In Social Studies, students are studying the Middle East. Language Arts students are reading and writing in the genre of memoir. We are studying mentor texts to learn writing strategies, study form, and generate topics for our own writing. Math classes are analyzing percentages. Students are beginning a unit focusing on the characteristics of living things in science.

Soaring Eagles

Thank you to all of the parents who attended Parent/Teacher Conferences. It was very nice to meet all of you. As we finish up the second half of the trimester, it is really time to buckle down. Please make sure that your child is caught up in all classes. Language Arts classes have started working on writing a personal memoir. Social Studies classes are learning about the Middle East and discussing current events. In math, students continue to work with proportional relationships. We are moving in to using the proportional relationships to solve real world percent problems. Please encourage your child to find the sale price of items at the store and to find the appropriate tip amount at a restaurant. It is important for students to see these real applications used outside of school.

MEAP is finally over, so we are returning to our normal schedules! Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding your child’s progress. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to visit ParentVue and check on your student’s grades. If you haven’t received your login, or are having trouble with your login, please contact the main office.

The end of the first trimester is Wednesday, November 27. There is still quite a bit of time left for students to improve those grades!

8th Grade News

With travel plans for Washington D.C. finalized, it’s been another busy month for the 8th Graders. The start of the school year has flown by, and we can’t believe we are almost to November.

All EDP students will be going to the GISD Skill Center on November 12th.

We will be taking a field trip December 20th. Permission slips and details to come home after Thanksgiving. Each student will need to have a permission slip signed so they can attend.

Many of our students will be traveling to Washington D.C. during the first week of November. Not only is this annual trip educational, but it is a great opportunity for students to see the nation’s capitol. Please encourage your son or daughter to make good choices and represent Linden Middle School proudly. Busses will pull out of Linden Middle School, Tuesday November 5th at 8 P.M. Students staying back will travel to the Holocaust museum, Thursday November 7, in Farmington Hills. Permission slips have already gone home.

Thank you to all the parents who attended parent-teacher conferences on October 17th. We stayed very busy and were impressed by the parent participation for the day.

We would like to remind parents that using ParentVue is a good way to keep track of your student’s progress. If you are unsure of your password, the Linden Middle School office can help. Remember to keep checking your student’s Digits account too! This will help track homework assignments and grades.

Thank you for all your continued support !!!!

8th Grade Staff


November 5 Parent Koffee Klatch @ LMS Media Center; 4:00-5:00 PM

November 5 8th Grade DC Trip Departs LMS @ 8:00 PM

November 10 8th Grade Returns from DC to LMS; AM

November 20 LMS Assembly with Brooks Gibbs; Pro-Social Theme; PM

November 27 No School; Staff Records Day

November 28 No School

November 29 No School

December 2 Classes Resume

December 5 Bullycide Presentation @ LHS; 7th and 8th Grades; AM

December 12 LMS Band Concert @ LHS; 7:00 PM

December 20 Winter Break begins at End of School Day

January 6 Classes Resume