Namiah Stewart

fast facts

continent: south America

capital: brazilia


area: 3,287,611

main languages: Portuguese

main religions: roman cathic


Brazilians have to depend on how much money they have so they can eat ,and it depends on where they live. a lot of kids eat bread milk and cheese for breakfast . lunch and dinner foods are rice beans meat and vegetables , they also eat feijoada ,black beans that Is what they most of the time some time all the time.


Brazilians play soccer .basket ball and volley ball and they liked to swim . they also play board games like the played cards. they are really fast and flexable


kids in brazil like 3 holidays .

1. Easter

they go hunting for Easter eggs and eating a lot of chocolate


they love opening gifts

3.childrens day

the parents by there kids gifts


brazil is one the largest country in south America. it takes up more the half of south america
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