Firey Flaming Fist O'Pain

Alyssa L, Jordan N, Shannon B, Jessica H


In this picture you will find our logo (the fire over the name of the ride), the name of the ride, and the creators. Under the logo, you will find the HEIGHT, LENGTH and AVERAGE TIME of the roller coaster along with the MASS of the marble.

Calculations with work shown

Average Speed: (length/time) 7.2m/6.5 seconds=1.1 m/s

Maximum Speed:(fastest time we clocked) =6.6 s

Maximum KE: (always the same as max PE)= .0715J

Maximum PE: (mass*gravity*height) (.0044)(9.8)(1.66)=.0715J

(Calculations in poster)

Average Time: 6.6+6.5+6.5=6.53 s

Mass Conversion: 4.4 g=.0044kg (move decimal point 3 places to the left)


At the top of the roller coaster, the marble is at its maximum PE. The first thing it experiences is a loop, and then it is pushed into a slope/hill. Following this hill is a change in direction (over a long period of time). Afterwards the marble goes down yet another hill, intercepted by another loop. The loop pushes the marble down the slope, causing the marble to be pushed directly upward, which once again causes the marble to be pushed downward. The going-back-and-fourth of the marble finishes as it ends the ride of the roller coaster. The energy transfers in this roller coaster happens along the entire ride. Every slope, and loop constantly exchange the energy between kinetic and potential.
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The maximun PE is located at the very top of the ride, in the beginning.

The Maximum KE is located at the bottom by the special feature.

The Marble speeds up while going downhill and it slows down while going up hill or on a flat level.