Solar system exploration

By Taelah Jackson

Pre 1900

William herschel


DOB 15 november 1738

DOD 25/1882


When william herschel was 14 years old he

joined the German local war band

Main discoveries

In 1781 William Herschel discovered Uranus

In 1781 He was the first to discover the shape

Of the Milky Way galaxy.he also makes he's own

Types of telescopes.


William herschel was born on the 15 November 1738

He was born in Hanover (Germany) he was born German

He's death was on the 25th of August 1822.

Technology's used

He was skilled enough to build his own telescopes

That he used to discover Uranus and the shape of

The Milky Way .

Contributions to knowledge

He worked out that the Milky Way shape

Was an oval shaped planet and he worked

out that Uranus was another planet in our

Solar System

Post 1900

Name and date

The Hubble space telescope 24/1990

Objective or goal

It was to send it to space to see if there was a nother

Planet in our solar system.

Technology's used

The technology's used for the hubble space telescope thgy

Used mirrors, telescopes, shuttles, rockets and satalights


One of the hubble space telescope discoveries

telescope looked at the universe and guessed it

was around 13-14 billions years old.