Reaching your Academic Potential!

Welcome Ms. Bonds' Class


My name is Ms. Bonds and I am excited to be your teacher this quarter at VHS.

I am excited to be teaching for Virtual School House and can't wait to get to know my students!

About me:

My name is Angela Bonds and this is my first year teaching for VSH. Before this year, I taught Spanish for 2 years at Meridian High School but I have been teaching Spanish for 16 years. I moved here from Olympia, Washington were I taught Spanish of all levels. I received my Bachelor's in Psychology from Central Washington University then went back to CWU to get my BA in Spanish and Education with a minor in French. I then attended Washington State University where I received my Master's in Spanish Literature. During my time at WSU, I taught Spanish 101 and 102 as well as an intensive 200 level course with at the university. Throughout my college experience, I studied abroad in both Spain and Mexico. While teaching in Washington State, I taught a College in the High School Course for the University of Washington for 5 years. While at Meridian High School, I taught Spanish 2 and Spanish 4 (BSU concurrent credit Spanish 201). I have traveled to Costa Rica twice, once with students. I live in Boise with my wonderful husband and two young children.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my children, Lily (7) and Logan (4) and my husband Noah. I like riding my bike on the greenbelt, swimming, and exploring new places.

I can't wait to see you August 26th for our first meeting on Microsoft Teams! Check Teams for our meeting time.

What is Reaching our Academic Potential?

Students will learn essential academic skills within the context of their learning style, individual learning environment, and long-term goals. This course helps students develop habits for more successful reading, writing, studying, communication, collaboration, time management, and concentration. It also provides insights into how the brain works when they are learning, and ways to maximize its potential. You will be surprised at how much you learn about how to be a successful student. These skills will last a lifetime!

Course Outline- We will do 2 units a week!

Unit 1: Reaching Your Academic Potential

Unit 2: Your Mind and Your Mindset

Unit 3: Learning as Process and Preference

Unit 4: Effective Work Habits

Unit 5: Memory and Studying for Tests

Unit 6: Taking Tests

Unit 7: Making Decisions and Setting Goals

Unit 8: The Career Ahead

Unit 9: Focus on Reading

Unit 10: Focus on Writing

Unit 11: Focus on Math

Unit 12: Communication

Unit 13: Research

Unit 14: Creativity and Collaboration

Unit 15: Academic Potential and You

Taking Notes

You are allowed to use any notes you took while working on the lessons on your quizzes or tests! It is important that you take notes to help you study and remember what you learned. Here is a website that gives you many different ways to take notes that might help!

Important Information!

We use Microsoft Teams to conduct our Live Teams Meetings. It is important that you attend as many as you can. I will record and post all recorded meetings in a channel in Teams in case you miss any classes. If you miss a meeting, please watch the recording and fill out the exit ticket so I know you watched it and I can count you as present! Our Teams site has more information. Here are what you can find in the different channels:

General: I will post important announcements here like reminders of tests or work due, if I am absent or other announcements. Make sure to check this daily.

Class meetings: This is where you will find the links to our meetings! Just click on the link to join our meeting. Make sure to read the weekly checklist for days we will meet.

Must do weekly checklist: This is where you will find what to do for the week. I will post the checklist on Mondays and all work is due on Fridays at midnight. The same checklist is also in Peak.

Office hours: There is a link to my office hours in this channel. If you want to meet with me after school, just email me or message me here and I will start a meeting with you. Office hours are from 2:45-3:15

Archived Videos: This is where you go to watch a class that you missed. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes will be recorded and you can find them here. It is important that you watch these if you are absent so you can get the practice you need to do well.

Attendance: If a student misses any live Teams meetings for the week, they must watch the live recorded and archived videos and fill out the attendance form for the week here. There will be a few questions about things we talked about in class. It is due BY THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY on FRIDAY. Students who attend class Monday, Wednesday and Friday do NOT have to fill out the forms. Remember, students must attend class OR watch the recorded videos and fill out the form AND complete the week's work.

Peak/Fuel Ed is where you can find all of your assignments. You should make sure to read the checklist in Teams for what you need to do for the week in Peak/Fuel Ed. The same checklist is also posted in Peak as well. Below is the information on how to log into Peak

We utilize curriculum from Fuel Education for students in grades 6-12. Students access their online course materials and assignments through Fuel Education's Peak login page.

The website students log in to is

We use a standard protocol for student usernames and passwords. Your student's username is his/her West Ada Student ID, not the EDUID. The password is the student's lower case first initial + UPPER case last initial + West Ada Student ID.

Example: My name is Charlie Brown and my West Ada ID number is 2001234567.

My username: 2001234567

My password: cB2001234567

Power School is where you will find your grades. The grade in Peak/Fuel Ed is most likely different and NOT CORRECT. Please check Power School for your grades. This is where I will take attendance as well.

Daily Schedule

Class Time is from:

7:45-9:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

8:00-9:26 on Wednesdays

We will have live Teams Meetings Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will meet all together starting at 7:45 for about 45 minutes or so depending on need. Fridays will be a quick meeting where students can get extra help and not be recorded. After the live session, students are expected to be working on the curriculum in Peak/Fuel Ed and get as much done as they can in the time allotted for the period.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, I will either open a Teams meeting during the period for anyone to get extra help, or I might do conferences with certain students who need extra help. During our allotted period time, students should be working on their assignments in Peak/Fuel Ed that are on their checklist for the week.


You must participate and attend class to be counted as present. If you are unable to attend a live meeting, watch the recording under the "archived videos" channel and fill out the Microsoft Form you will find in the "attendance" channel in Teams. I will take attendance Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. I can change your attendance from "absent" to "present" up until the end of the school day each Friday. In order to be counted as present, you need to attend the live meetings and/or watch the recorded videos as well as complete the week's work. Please do not wait until the last minute to watch the videos! If you come to class but complete no work for the week, YOU ARE ABSENT!

Class Expectations!

  • Be on time and ready to go. If you are late, I might not see you pop in. Sometimes we will be in break-out rooms and this is difficult to do if you are not ready on time.
  • Please try to limit distractions around you. It is important everyone is ready to learn and participate when class starts so we can accomplish all our tasks.
  • Do not spam the meeting with a ton of gifs or other messages. Only post if it is appropriate and on topic.
  • Use the reaction buttons to let your classmates know when you agree or disagree and give them a thumbs-up or a round of applause to encourage them.
  • Pay attention and be ready to answer questions and participate!
  • Please keep your mic muted unless you have ‘raised your hand’ or I have asked you to speak (just like you would in class). With a lot of students in one live session, it can become difficult to maintain an organized meeting otherwise.
  • Turn off notifications from email and social media so you aren't distracted.
  • When speaking, please stay on topic and be school appropriate.
  • Be respectful! Just because we are behind a screen it does not mean that people are not vulnerable.


Grades are based on total points.

Grades in Power School are your REAL grades. You should check Power School often for you current grades. Assignments not done on the assigned date will be put in as a zero until it is completed.

In order to do well on the quizzes and tests, you should complete all of the readings and take notes on what you read. Do not expect to do well on quizzes or assignments without reading and taking notes.

You will typically have a quiz and two or three assignments once a week. We will do 2 units a week.


Quizzes- You will take one to two quizzes per week. They are usually about 4-6 points per quiz. These are based on the readings you will do in Peak. It is very important that you actually read the lessons that lead up to the quizzes and take notes. You can use notes on your quizzes! It will be hard to do well on the quizzes with out taking notes and reading! You can take the quizzes up to 3 times to get the score you want so if you get a low score the first time, re-read and try again!

Discussions- You will typically do one to two discussions per week. Discussions are worth 20 points. In order to get full points for your discussion, you must answer the prompt in detail AND respond to 3 other students posts. A response is short, typically one to two sentences either asking a question about what they have written or writing a positive comment about what they wrote.

Graded Assignments- Graded assignments range anywhere from 10-22 points. Students should read the assignments carefully as well as read the rubric so they can understand what to do. In my live classes, I will explain the assignment so that is why it is very important students either come to class or watch my recordings.

Final Project- Students will complete a final project at the end of the quarter worth 50 points. For the final project, students will take what they have learned over the course of the quarter and create a Power Point presentation. Students should use their notes they have taken over the quarter to help them do this project.

Late Work

Each Monday, a checklist will be posted for the assignments that are due by 11:59 PM on Friday night. You should work on the assignments throughout the week in order to keep up. I will tell you what you should accomplish by the end of each day. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY TO COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS as you will not be able to finish them all. All assignments completed by FRIDAY AT 11:59 PM will be entered for full credit. You have until the following FRIDAY (one week) to turn in late work. I WILL NOT TAKE WORK MORE THAN A WEEK LATE unless it is in your IEP or you have an excused absence. All work turned in late will be entered for up to 70% of the total possible credit. EMAIL ME WHEN YOU TURN IN LATE WORK SO I KNOW TO CHECK IT!

Office Hours

I will be available from 2:45 to 3:15 each day for office hours. Use these hours to get extra help or ask questions. Just click on the channel in Teams called "Office Hours" and I should be online to help. Just message me that you want to meet and I will start a meeting in Teams. Do not join the meeting the last few minutes as I pick up my daughter from school right after school ends. Make sure to take advantage of this time so that I can help you!

You are responsible for the information on this syllabus!

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