Jailene Pequeno


Volleyball benefits me in my physical state because it keeps me in shape and its good exercise for me and volleyball is something I practice almost everyday. Volleyball is a competitive indoor sport.

It is good to still practice volleyball if you can, like going to an open gym or staying physical when the season ends.


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This benefits you because your team, is your family. You get emotional when you lose a game, or win! Being emotional or having other things go on outside of volleyball isn't so well because you wouldn't end up playing well or you would just decide to give up and sit out because of something else going on outside of the sport.

Volleyball comes with a lot of ups and downs, there's a lot of drama on the volleyball team. Along with the team, it helps and everyone working together helps everyone win.


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This benefits you in volleyball because you have to be social and get along with everyone, even if you aren't their friend out of the sport. You have to communicate with people in order to know who is going for the ball so that way no one just stands around.

Volleyball involves a lot of communication on and off the court. It also involves a lot of patience, like if someone was not doing well or not setting the ball up correctly and that makes you lose a point. You'd get very upset with your team. Volleyball involves a lot of self-esteem because you need to be able to get back up quickly and be able to help the team in order to get another point.

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Volleyball does not involve any math or science. But it does require an open mind, common sense, and patience. You have to be open minded so that way when your coach tells you to improve something, you would be able to improve it and ask for help on how to improve. You also have to be aggressive, but not to aggressive that you would hurt someone, all you want to do is be the first to get to 25 points.

Using intellectual health in volleyball would be determining where the ball is going and if you should go for it. Also, it would be assuming or guessing if the ball would be in and all, like the coaches always say, go for the ball no matter what.