Geothermal Power Plants

BY: The 'T' Brothers

How Geothermal Energy is Harvested

Do you know geothermal energy? Well geothermal energy is heat from the Earth, it is a form of energy known as renewable energy, as it can last longer and can be naturally replenished, unlike fossil fuels which takes thousands of years to replenish. But how can this form of energy can be harvested for use?

Geothermal energy is almost everywhere on Earth. It can be found within 10 feet(3m) to miles down below. The Earth's average temperature for the ground just below the surface maintains a range from about 10 to 16 degrees celsius. Geothermal heat pumps can use this source to heat or cool building above the surface. In Winter, since it is very cold, the system takes the heat from the heat exchanger, and delivers it into buildings via a air delivery system, then in Summer heat is taken from indoors to be used to heat water for everyday washing up.

How Electricity is Made Using Geothermal Energy

Firstly in the process, man finds heat or hot water under ground to be used in the complicated process of creating electricity.

Then to continue, the heat or water is then pumped to a power plant where there is a tank containing a fluid or liquid, a turbine and a generator, used to generate electricity.

After it is pumped to the plant it boils the liquid or fluid, which vaporizes into steam, the steam flows through complex systems of pipes and tubes, going to the turbine.

The pressure of the steam against the massive turbine blades turns the turbine, which is connected to the turbine shaft.

The turbine is connected to a generator, where there is an electromagnet, where magnets spin at high speeds generate the electricity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

  • It is a renewable energy
  • It keeps houses cool in summer and warm in winter
  • It is almost everywhere on Earth

  • You need to find the perfect location to build the power plant (the right type of hot rocks)
  • A geothermal power plant can run out of steam, and this event can last for decades
  • When drilling into the Earth, other not-so-friendly hazardous gases or minerals might escape and infect local communities (not zombie infection)

Real geothermal plant

3D diagram