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Activating United Gospel Initiatives in March

Something that Changes Everything

The ACTS Group is devoted to finding, connecting and building up gospel based leaders in communities and cities. We believe that if leaders – those who are exercising their role of influence in the city whether it be business, government, social services, technology, medical or many others – discover one another and build trusted relationships, the city will begin to change. When the connection and relationship begins to grow, a “gospel leadership coalition” begins to think about, pray about and address issues from a basis of common faith, mutual honor and desire to see real measurable change for the good of all people. As this happens, there is a convergence of the efforts, energy, resources and divine favor that can really move what seem to be immovable obstacles to a flourishing city. It all begins with coming together, learning and forming trusting relationships. This month marks one opportunity for this kind of “coming together” to happen in Sacramento through Convergence “Live”. Nationally, this will happen at the Q Conference in Nashville April 26-28. Where is this happening in your city? Find it. Get there. Build relationships with other leaders hungry to lead from a gospel perspective and see change begin to happen in your city.

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Convergence "Live" - The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society

Friday, March 24th, 8:30am-4:30pm

9470 Micron Avenue

Sacramento, CA

Convergence “Live” is happening on Friday, March 24 in Sacramento, CA. Topics addressed in expert 9 minute topics will include “Good News for Millennials”, “The Hindu Next Door”, “Jesus at School”, “Cubicle Conversations,” “Talking with My ‘No Religion’ Neighbor”, and “Miracles Can Really Help”.

You will have an opportunity to process these talks with other leaders at round tables on how to engage the diversity of people in ways that lead to spiritual conversations and change. There will be a morning session from 8:30am-Noon and afternoon session from 1pm-4:30pm. You can register for the morning or afternoon session or for the Full Day, including lunch.

Register HERE!

Seeking God for the City

So many people need to learn to pray. It is surprising that so little is known in so many churches on how to hear from the Father and talk to the Father. In some churches, people have learned to pray, but many are not engaged in a regular practice or life of prayer. This lack of prayer speaks to a belief that we can get most things done on our own, and we will get to prayer when or if things get really challenging. Well, things ARE getting more and more challenging. It is time to activate the prayer lives of believers and churches. It is with this in mind that CityPRAYS is strongly promoting the Seek God for the City 40 day prayer journey to pastors and churches. This guide produced by Waymakers has taught hundreds of thousands of believers how to pray powerful prayers of biblical hope. We urge you to join people around the region, nation and world as we Seek God for the City in 2017! You can order the 64-page prayer guide for you or your church by clicking HERE or download the app on your Apple, Android or Kindle device.

Financial Support for the ACTS Group

There are three sources of financial support for the work of the ACTS Group.

First is individual donors whom we call "investors". A few are monthly donors, but most give once or twice a year. We call them investors because we believe that they are giving to people and a work they believe will produce the results they believe in - more people meeting Jesus and communities and cities changing for the good through united gospel initiatives. Second is through supporting churches. Most give monthly and are directly engaged in the work locally. Some churches give through mission's budgets and others give through offering. Finally, we have sponsors - businesses, schools and nonprofits who get behind a particular initiative or an event like Convergence "Live".

Our next step to move forward strongly is to add a part time director of operations as a staff member. This will require an additional $2500 a month from new donors, supporting churches or sponsors. If you love what is happening, let us know through making your step toward financial support. Questions? Contact Merisa at

The ACTS Group is...

activating united gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Gospel-based activators provide expertise, guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate gospel movement in their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city.