Kevin M Nguyen

Senior @ Villa Rica High School

My Favorite Subject is...

Math and science. I am very curious to know how things work and how they are made.

Why this Class?

I'm taking this class because:

1) I also love science.

2) I'm going to major in this subject in college.

3) Most importantly, I'm curious to know more about life. Since I was a kid, looking at mini, green plants, looking at bees fly with their big body and little wings, looking at all of life excites my brain.

Experience With GAVS

This is my second year in GAVS. Last year, my only course was Latin I. I'm currently taking Latin II and AP Biology.

My 3 Top Schools

I love Games

The best way to understand what a video game "does" or how it functions is to not think of it as a game in the first place. While the older generation will look at us gamers and think we're rotting our brains away, we, gamers, know that video games have great potential not only as sources of entertainment but as an art form and teachers as well. Think of a video game as a self contained interactive learning environment where an individual can learn the intricacies of a functioning system through hands on interactions and experimentation in a world if infinite attempts and resources.

Playing a video game is essentially a personally powered, self motivated experience involving exposure, experimentation, practice, and testing. (KirbyKid)