Pé Descalço


What's Pé Descalço?

Pé Descalço wants to use an adventurous trip and a book / ebook to help people living better with what they have, increasing their financial resources and solving difficult situations without money! Learn more and donate at http://massivemov.com/pedescalco
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About me

My name's Ricardo Frade, I'm 31 years old and I love challenges!

I'm a financial advisor, entrepreneur, teacher and host family Worlds Life Foundation. My mission in life is to help others improve their life!

I travel since I can remember, first with my parents, after 14 years alone, later with Sofia, my "love".

I traveled a lot inside Portugal, using the local train and bus ... I also traveled outside, but so much less than we wanted. And always with impossible budgets and lots of imagination!

Remarkable experiences?

Couchsurfing, dozens of travelers welcomed in Guimarães as in their homes, and some "surfing" too;

Azores, backpack, 3 weeks, 6 islands, 2 people, all paid for with only 700 € ($900);

USA, backpacking, jeep, 3 weeks, 5 states, 2 persons, total cost of just € 3,000 ($,4000), half of which paid with a few hours playing "voluntarily" in a hotel, with a hat on the piano!