Twitter for Teachers

What is Twitter??

Twitter is a real- time social network that helps users share, follow, and interact with stories, opinions, links, pictures, and videos in 140- character messages.


At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of info. called tweets. Each tweet is 140 characters long. You can discover a lot in a little space! You can see photos, videos, and conversations from tweets to get the whole story at a glance & in one place.

Twitter Handle

A user's Twitter handle is the username they have selected and the accompanying URL, like so:

Click the link below to sign up for your Twitter handle. :)

Who is on Twitter?

Twitter is filled with teachers, administrators, educational experts, students, parents, authors, and education companies.


An @reply is a method of publicly responding to another Twitter user. By placing @ before the person's username, your message will be publicly directed to that person.


The # symbol, also called a hashtag, is used to categorize tweets for reference and to facilitate conversations on specific subjects.

Twitter and Education

Teach w/ Twitter

Use Twitter to:

  • Make announcements
  • Give/Receive instant feedback
  • Ask/Answer Questions

Edu Handles













Popular Hashtag



#NTChat (new teacher)


#GTChat (gifted talented)

#CPChat (connected principals)


Edu Chats

Use Twitter to connect with fellow teachers and admin. by collaborating using education chats.


#SSChat (social studies)

#ELTChat (English language teachers)

#PTChat (parent- teacher chat)



#EdChat is a Twitter conversation that takes place on Tuesdays at noon and 7 P.M. EST. It covers all subjects related to K-12 education, and specific topics are polled each week.

Members of the #EdChat team:











Using Social Media in the Classroom