Miss LeMarr's Weekly Update

March 7 - 11

Notes from the Teacher 📝

*Snacks - Please send a snack with your child to eat during our snack time after rotation!

*Cursive - We have started learning how to write in cursive! Every week, I will send home a practice cursive sheet with your child's name, so that they have an opportunity to practice at home.

*Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates 📌

March 14-18 - Spring Break

What We Are Learning ✏️

Reading: How to Make a Timeline by Boyd N Gillin

Phonics: Lessons 116 - 120

  • Final, stable syllables that begin with ci, si, ti
  • Digraphs ei, ie
  • Quadrigraph eigh
  • The Rule vccv part 2
  • Spelling Test 23

Grammar/Writing: Complete Sentences & Procedural Texts; Homophones


  • Linear Measurement
  • Addition and Subtraction Mixed Facts

Science: Scholastic News

Social Studies: Let's Review

Homework 📚

No homework this week 😁 except for....

Spelling Packet 23 which is due on Friday for 5 extra points on the spelling test

1. lace ---------------11. price

2. twice -------------12. race

3. thank -------------13. quick

4. scratch ----------14. cattle

5. place -------------15. wing

6. crusty ------------16. mother

7. noun --------------17. eye

8. pitch --------------18. heard

9. middle -----------19. whose

10. bottle -----------20. young

21. Wipe your face with your napkin, not your hand.

22. Whose turn is it to pick up the papers?

Reading for 15-20 minutes - it could be their library books, the newspaper, a billboard, a menu, a soup can, a cereal box - anything to get them reading.