Digital Citizenship Project

Kiersten P. Period 5

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

  • Don't ever treat someone badly on the internet because they are human as well, even if they are an action-figure on a game they are human and have feelings.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Make sure to not give your information to strangers. Always read the fine print at the bottom of the website. make sure if your giving your email, address, phone number and any of that information out its necessary

Rule #3 Social Networking

Don't post private or embarrassing things on the internet you never know who is looking at it. You also want to be careful because you don't want to let just anyone be your friend on social media.

Rule #4 Online Safety

Don't ever let anyone on the internet know your private information. You never know if they are the person they say they are.

Rule #5 Cyberbullying

Never be rude to anyone on the internet especially because they are people too behind that screen name is a real human being that has feelings too.

Rule #6 plagiarism

never copy someone else work because your taking there ideas your not coming up with them from your head.

Rule#7 Copyright

Never copy anyone else's work because its illegal to copy a song someone already produced so make sure before you use of take something that you have the publishers permission.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the rules of the social part of internet. It displays safety rules and why you should be nice on the internet. For example you need to be nice because when you cyberbully it hurts peoples feelings. So digital citizenship is stating rules on the internet and safety.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices?

I think its necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship because everyone should know safety of social networking and information privacy so that no personal information is shared. Also you need to make sure that no one is bullying on the internet because there is a real person behind that screen name.