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major cities: London England

The most major city, London, England is known all around the world. The population is 8.4 million (2014). London is England’s capital. They are set on the Thames River.

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Top tourist attraction in London: big ben

Big Ben, the bell in the tower at the Houses of Parliament, was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, a public official in London.

Where is The United kingdom?

The location of United Kingdom is located to the west of Germany. Since they are close they share lots of customs with Ireland and Germany. The united kingdom actually contains four countries all controlled together by monarchy. The four countries are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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1.The United Kingdom is best known for some of the world’s best-known writers. William Shakespeare (1564–1616) wrote 38 plays between 1590 and 1611. Lots of people still enjoy to see his plays. There’s almost 400 hundred movies based on them.

2.The average car in the UK is parked 96% of the time

3.On September 9th 2015 queen Elisabeth the second became the longest ruling UK monarch ever.

4. The worlds shortest scheduled airline flight lasts about two minutes and it connects two islands in the UK


United Kingdom isn’t very sunny. More than half of the days are overcast. They do get strong winters and mild summers

Current forecast for Manchester England:

Monday: rain 35 degrees

Tuesday: rain 34 degrees

Wednesday: rain 33 degrees

Thursday: snow 31 degrees

Friday: sun 34 degrees


In the Uk they speak English with a very strong British accent.

I could be hard to understand what they are talking about because some objects are called something different for example:

Trunk of a car=Boot in the Uk,

Closet= Wardrobe in the Uk