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What we're up to... 12.14 - 1.8

Before the break... (12.14 - 12.23)

In the final stretch before the winter holiday, scholars have planned, drafted, revised, and edited their *final* Wish You Well writing assignment-- an analysis of symbolism in Baldacci's novel. Students worked diligently to ensure their pieces thoroughly explained the symbolic significance of at least one item in Wish You Well, following strict guidelines for revision and taking full advantage of small group time in Direct to ask questions and respond to feedback on their writing. Students submitted their final drafts of the piece on December 21st.

While finishing their writing assignments, students also wrapped up their study of the final set of Wish You Well vocabulary (the quiz was on December 16th), their study of vague pronouns (they completed a graded Bell Ringer on December 23rd), and a brief study on theme. Whew! After all this, scholars engaged in a short film study of Entertainment One's 2015 film Wish You Well, comparing the film to Baldacci's book of the same title.

In the new year... (1.4 - 1.8)

After a well deserved break, students will be returning to Room 166 to begin their study of the Nonfiction genre. Our main text during this study will be Jim Murphy's Across America on an Emigrant Train, a piece which details Robert Louis Stevenson's perilous journey in 1879 from Scotland across the Atlantic and then by train to Monterey, California to join the woman he loved. We will begin our study with some pre-reading activities to build background knowledge about American emigration in the mid-late 1800s, then students will be reading the "Introduction" to Murphy's text. We will also begin studying the rules of comma usage, and by the end of the week, we will have kicked off our #20Time Research Project. More details to follow in the next issue!

Class Kudos!

High achievement is becoming the norm in vocabulary study! In the last two weeks, many students have reviewed vocabulary words using Quizlet, a website which offers a variety of online study methods as well as two major review games, and in the pursuit of excellence, scholars have been shattering old records for high scores in each game. Congratulations to Kassidy Michael (Block 3), Autumn Greiner (Block 5), and Nolan Weaver (Block 3) for holding the top 3 scores in the Scatter Review Game. Well done, Scholars!

Upcoming Important Dates...

  • Wednesday 1.6.16 - Grades Update on Home Access Center (students checked for sports eligibility)
  • Tuesday 1.26.16 - End of Marking Period 2

Student To-Do's:

  1. Final MP2 Book Project Book due 1.15.16

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