Grace Bell

Who am I?

Things about me

  • I am the only child.
  • I want to become a large animal vet.
  • I would like to attend UW-Madison.
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I like to four-wheel.

10 things you should/shouldn't do while typing

Should do:

  • Sit straight in your chair.
  • Your feet should be on the ground.
  • Your fingers should stay on the home row.
  • Your chair should be adjusted to the proper height.
  • Your body should be centered between the "B" and "N" keys.
Shouldn't do:

  • You fingers shouldn't be straight on the home row but curved.
  • You shouldn't be restless you should be relaxed.
  • You shouldn't be more than one hand lengths away from the desk/table.
  • Your wrists shouldn't be resting on the desk/table.
  • The keyboard shouldn't be pushed far away from the edge of your table, it should be close to the edge.