Weekly Notes - March 24

Rooted In Character Growing Towards Greatness (90-90-90)

Testing Information (Thanks Michelle)


Based on teacher feedback, we will not have Success Time prior to testing.

The ISTEP tests will follow a 2 hour delay schedule, with the students taking 2 tests each day except for one of the math days. The ISTEP test days will be April 18 an d19 for E/LA, April 25 and 26 for Math and April 27 for Science/Social Studies.


I will be giving the Juniors and Seniors that have not passed their graduation requirement their ECA test May 2-5. May 2 and 3 will be Math and May 4 and 5 will be E/LA. I will just be pulling students out of class. I will send the groups and class periods out to teachers in April.


We will be doing NWEA just like we did in December. We will be giving the tests May 2-5. We will do Language Arts May 2, Math May 3 , and reading May 4. Mr. Moe will do make-up tests May 5.

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Pennies for the Price Family

Congratulations to the Junior/Senior High School. Central Noble Junior/Senior High School collected $703.53 for the fundraiser that Kali, Brayden and Kierra started. Congratulations to Mrs. Sprague's and Mrs. Earnhart's Cougar U's for collecting the most money and earning the pizza party. Please see Mrs. Hoover or Mrs. Lortie to plan your pizza party.

Thanks for the Help!!

Central Noble Junior/Senior High School hosted the school board meeting last Tuesday night. Thanks to Christy Winebrenner and her FACS class for making the cookies and cupcakes. Thanks to Laura Tomlinson and Heidi Emmert for providing the entertainment. Both the show choir and the winds ensemble did a great job. Thanks to Abbey Mault and her art class for providing a sneak preview of the upcoming art show. Thanks to Meagan Lortie, Chelsea Carmien and Abbey Mault and Tim Kiebel for setting up the cafe.

Spring Break Week

Next week is the week before Spring Break. The weather is also going to warm up significantly. Please have a high profile and remain vigilant next week so that we can get through the week as successfully as we can.

Get Schooled Tour

The anti-bullying program called GET SCHOOLED TOUR will be visiting on March 28. The program will be in the auditorium and start at 9:00am for the junior high students and 10:30am for the senior high students. All students are to take their laptop to the convocation. Please hold your students until we call for them and then escort your students to the auditorium.

HLC Information

On April 19th, the Higher Learning Commission will be doing an on-site visit. They will want to meet with any teacher that teaches an Ivy Tech course. I will get a schedule out closer to their visit.
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Cougar Track

Congratulations and Good Luck to the Cougar Track Team. They are on their way to Bloomington to compete in the Hoosier State Relays Indoor Track Meet.


If there are events and dates that are not posted, please let me know so I can get it on the calendar. Thanks to everyone that submitted dates and events this week!!

March 24 – Jr / Sr High School Talent Show at 7:00pm

March 25 – Hoosier State Relays Indoor Track Meet @ IU

March 27 & 28 – High School Science Field Trip To Cook Nuclear Power Plant

March 27 – March 31 – Girls PE Bowling

March 28 – Get Schooled Tour – JH at 9:00am & SH at 10:30am

March 30 – FFA Petting Zoo

March 31 – Magician – JH at 1:15pm & SH at 2:15

April 3 – April 7 – Spring Break

April 13 – EDC Job Fair at East Noble

April 17 – May 5 – ISTEP Part 2

April 14 – Good Friday

April 14 – 8TH Grade Incentive Trip (Sky Zone)

April 15 – NJHS Induction

April 19 – Higher Learning Commission – On site visit

April 21, 22 & 23 – Spring Play – Much Ado About Nothing

April 21 – Canstruction Build in Fort Wayne

April 26 – Careers Field Trip to JA Finance Park

April 26 – Spring Band Concert – 6:30pm

April 29 – TinCaps Baseball Game

May 1 – May 12 – Main Gym will be closed

May 2 – May 4 – NWEA Testing

May 2 – May 5 – ECA Retest

May 3 – Senior Awards Night – 6:00pm

May 3 – Art Show

May 3 – NHS Induction (Cougar U)

May 5 – Annual Throw Day (Art Classes)

May 5 – Skip 7 Fundraiser (Student Government)

May 6 – Prom

May 9 – Get-A-Life

May 9 – 8th Grade Celebration

May 11 & 12 – 6th Grade Chain-O-Lakes Project (Overnight)

May 11 – Spring Choir Concert

May 17 – Junior High Awards Ceremony

May 22 – Last Student Day

May 28 – Theatre 30th Year Anniversary Show

May 30 – June 23 – Summer School

June 4 - Graduation

We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each

moment of life is a miracle and mystery.

H. G. Wells
English author, historian, & utopian (1866 - 1946)