Senior Update

College Applications


As you are completing your applications some of you might have some questions about what to fill in for certain fields. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers...

What my class size?


Does Niles North rank students?

NO, Never. You can enter N/A or leave it blank.

What is Mr. Schumann's first name?


What is Mr. Schumann's email address?

What is Mr. Schumann's phone number?


What is Mr. Schumann's official title?

School Counselor

Do I qualify for a fee waiver?

If you have free/reduced lunch, then yes, you could qualify for a fee waiver

Remember, if you have any questions about your applications send me an email or stop by my office. As always, if you're planning ahead you can schedule a time to see me during a free period at

I hope you're enjoying this process and making great progress each week! You've got this and you'll get everything completed if you just take everything one step at a time.

You're awesome!

Mr. Schumann