• He was an Italian Sculptor
  • His real name is Donato di Niccolo
  • He was the greatest Florentine sculptor before Michelangelo
  • He made a statue making fun of Habakkak and Jeramiah
  • He was the greatest artist of the 15th Century in Italy
  • He was a descendant of the Important Bardi family


  • his greatest work was sculpting the life sized Statue of David
  • He made 8 life sized statues in 20 years with his pupils
  • He made thee gilt bronze Herod's which was the first life like sculpture
  • He made Jeremiah Marble
  • He completed over 78 known sculpture

Interesting facts

  • His first job was a goldsmith for the great architect Brunelleschi
  • He was influenced to become an artist by Ghibert who Donatello was an apprentice to
  • He cursed at one of his statues for not talking

Impact on today

  • He has at least 70 artworks that have not been smashed and are in museums
  • He has inspired many people to become artist


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