Dangerous Knowledge

Kendra Alberts and Brooklyn Westenburg

Characters Seeking Knowledge...

The Monster

  • where it came from
  • how to survive
  • how to talk and read
  • it's acceptable for it to kill
  • human company
  • love of its creator

Robert Walton

  • self-taught sea-faring
  • studied math, medicine, science, etc.
  • motivated by self-glory
  • put the lives of his crew at risk

Viktor Frankenstein

  • very ambitious to acquire knowledge
  • neglects his family because of it
  • wants to create life out of death
  • creates a monster
  • regrets it

Shelley's Theme

-scientific discovery and knowledge isn't dangerous until its abused
-wants scientists to take responsibility for their discoveries and inventions
-once the knowledge is overused and you feel invincible, it'll backfire on you
Frankenstein - Dangerous Knowledge