Social Studies Weekly

Year 4 Volume 8 ~ October 17, 2016

Colleen Mills

This shout out goes to one of our 2nd year teachers. She is dedicated to helping her students do their best by wanting to improve her practices. As soon as EVASS came out, she asked to meet with me and go over her data. This helped her see the areas she was successful in (almost blue her first year, missing it by .01!!!) and areas to focus on. I am so proud of her!

If you would like help looking at your data, please let me know.

~ Melissa

6 Week Benchmark Results

The chart below shows the averages for the 6 Week Benchmark, most of which do not included the constructed response questions in the average. FYI: SC stands for SIOP.
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The chart below shows the trend of the 6 week benchmarks overtime. The constructed response scores are not included in the averages, which may account for part of the significant dip in scores.
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Try This Site

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Pear Deck is a way to have an interactive classroom where students can respond to teacher questions in real time. It is similar to Nearpod but has a few other features. There are a lot of possibilities with this application! Thanks to our Program Manager, Mike Hayes, for passing this on.

Up Coming PD

EverFi: THIS WEDNESDAY -- Come for Pizza --- Stay for Learning

Our new EverFi representative, Yvette Medina, will provide a quick PD session on October 19th. During the session, she will present an overview of EverFi, assist with setting up an account, and answer any questions. You can register in mylearningplan.

Breaking Down Primary Sources for All Learners

Melissa is leading a PD session on primary sources. In this session, you will be guided through this template that helps to scaffold a primary source while focusing on the standards. Time will be provided to begin the development of your own primary source reading and 0.3 CEUs in Academic and Literacy will be awarded to those teachers that attend and submit two completed documents. The session will be on November 3rd in room 223 at the Education Building from 4:30 to 5:30. You can register in MyLearningPlan.

Hands on Civics and Economics

In this PD session, you will explore the hands on activities available to use for CE. Then, brainstorm/design your own hands on learning experience for your students. Teachers are expected to complete and turn in one completed activity to receive full credit: .2 CEUs. This session will be held on November 9th from 4:30-5:30 in the IRC Computer Lab. You can register in MyLearningPlan.
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This Week In Social Studies

World History

We will be Colonizing by the end of the week. Before you know it, the United States will be born. Viva la Revolucion!

But before we revolt we must explore and colonize. Here is a graphic organizer for objective 5.2, dealing with exploration. And, here is a graphic organizer to use for objective 5.3 on the impacts of colonization.

Thinking ahead, there is an Inquiry Based Project on Revolutions... Check it out.

Civics and Economics

We are still investigating how individual rights are limited and protected by the Constitution. At the end of the week, we will transition to the courts.

While investigating individual rights, remember there is an Inquiry Based Project entitled "What may I legally say?".

When preparing for next week, this graphic organizer might be helpful for learning about the differences between laws. And, this Bump-a-Word might be good to use a formative assessment.

American 1

Jackson, Jackson, He's Our Man, If He Can't Do It... He will just make you do it. So there. We are moving through Unit 4 at a steady pace. Once we have looked at Jackson, we will dive into Industrialization.

Here is a PDF of song lyrics from this time period. It provides some innovative primary sources to look at and meets objective 4.4.

American 2

We have boomed and now we must bust. One of the topics we address when looking at the Great Depression is the Dust Bowl. This site is a wonderful resource. It has audio interviews with people that lived through the Dust Bowl.
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Message from Melissa

Hmm... I changed up the flow of the newsletter. I figure this might be a sneaky way to get more people to look at the information usually located towards the bottom. Thanks to Kendall Fields for a little insight into the overworked and under appreciated teacher mind!

I hope everyone has a great week!