Kayla Cole


About Me

I like to be with my friends, text, excise, and sometimes just do nothing. My best friend is Megan Walls. I love to sleep. I live with my parents, and my 1 older sister Paige. I lived in Greenwood my whole life. I was born on Oct.15, 2000. I like Volleyball and Basketball. My favorite sports team is the Green Bay Packers. I only have 1 pet and it's a dog. Black Shnoolde, named Buddy. I also dont like seafood. I dont like to go hunting because I don't like killing animals.

My Dream Job

I want to be a model. Because I think it looks interesting and fun. I think it's fun because I get to experience a lot of things. And I can learn a lot of stuff from it. And a lot of people tell me I should.

About My Dream Job

Education- You don't have to have one.

Median Salary- About $9.27 Per-Hour

Work Schedule- When they need you.

Work Environment- Clean

How Do I Get There?

Well first I need to work hard to get myself there. Just like any career you have to push yourself to get there and sometimes on some careers you have to go to college, have a digree, or diploma, but on the career I want to do you don't have to have any of those things to become one. If I don't get this I'm still going to college just in case this career might not work out. I wanna go to a good college I just dont know where it's at yet.