Twenty One Ballons

Amanda Hellinger

Keep Going and never give up

The Twenty One Balloons was about man named Professor Willam Water Sherman, he wanted to travel in a unique way. He tries many diffrent waya but, he fails.William decides to travel in a hot balloon and he wants to be the first person to travel in a hot air balloon and go over the Pacific Ocean. While he is traveling he has some troubles. His balloon popped beacuse if a seagull and he landed in a shark infested water, so while the sharks are attacking the balloon he swims quickly of the the island of Krakatoa. He decides to live at the island. When he is at Krakatoa he builds a raft to bring people over beacuse one one lives there exctept for the people who run the hotels. He lives at the island for over seven years.

Professor Willam Water Sherman

He is the main character of the book. He has a gray beard and he wears a red and white striped shirt with a whit jacket over the shirt and he also wears white pants.

Mr. F

He lives on Island of Krakatoa and he is in charge of the hotels at the island. He aslo wears the same thing as William. He becomes bestfriends with Professor William.


Island of Krakatoa is the setting of the book and it is by the Pacific Ocean. The isalnd is dangerous beacuse there is a valcano there and it is very disruptive.


The conflict is William's balloon got popped and he couldnt travel anymore. This was fixed by him swimming over the the island and decideing to live there.

About the author

William Pene du Bois was born in Nutley, New Jersey. WHen he was eight his family moved to France. His family came back to Nutley, Jersey when he was fourteen. After high school he got a scholarship he didnt go to college when he sold hi first book he wrote.WHen he was nineteen, Thomas Nelson& Sons accepted one of his books called Elizabeth the Cow Ghost and published it on 1936.