Ancient Egypt

I will tell You ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Hey guys, my name is Kitson and today i am going to be telling you all about Ancient Egypt. So if you want to learn some interesting facts about Ancient Egypt keep on reading and you will learn alot. The ancient hierarchy pyramid of Ancient Egypt flows like this: pharaohs ,priest and elite officers, doctors and engineers, scribes and merchants, farmers and slaves are the lowest class. People were divided among these various classes. A small number of the lower classes of people could move up the social ladder. Family's would save their money to send their sons to trades schools. After learning to read and write they could gain employment in the government this would then change their class status. Egypt's deserts were a serious physical geography obstacle that prevented invaders. This was good protection because all armies need water sources for their men to survive.

Rosetta Stone

  • The Rosetta Stone is one of the most important objects to Egypt.
  • It is now being held in the British Museum.
  • It is the most important thing in the Egyptian culture because in 1799, the french found a rock by the town Rosetta, and the stone contained three types of writing such as Greek, Hieroglyphics, and another later form of Egyptian writing known as Demotic. The Rosetta stone has left a document of history.


In conclusion, there are are a lot of things to learn about Ancient Egypt and it is very interesting. I hope you enjoyed learning all of these facts as much as I did.


Once again i really hope you liked it and i really hope you learned alot and i really hope you are now full of knowledge and i hope you learned alot about Ancient Egypt.