The Giver

By Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Christy Guerrier

Book Summary

Jonas lives in a seemingly idyllic world of conformity and contentment. When he begins to spend time with The Giver, an old man who is the sole keeper of the community's memories, Jonas discovers the dangerous truths of his community's secret past. Armed with the power of knowledge, Jonas realizes that he must escape from their world to protect himself and those he loves, a challenge no one has ever completed successfully.

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas is a sensitive, polite, compassionate twelve-year-old boy. At the December Ceremony, he is selected to become the new Receiver of Memory, the most honored position in the community. Jonas is quite complacent, or non-caring, before he begins his training as the new Receiver, but after he gains wisdom from memories and realizes that people gave up their freedoms for Sameness, he becomes angry and frustrated. During his training, Jonas acquires very deep emotional feelings and learns about love. He becomes a close friend of The Giver and risks his own life to save the citizens in his community.

Other Important Characters

Favorite Quote

Chapter 16

Things could change, Gabe," Jonas went on. "Things could be different. I don't know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. There could be colors. And grandparents," he added.

Teacher- like Questions

1. Imagine yourself as a citizen in the community, what would you do to change the way you were living?

2. Overall, what is the moral of The Giver?

3. How would you change the ending of The Giver?

4. Why do you think the author created the story this way?

Overall Rating

I liked the ending of the book because now the citizens of the community can have the freedom they deserved during their lifetimes.

I disliked when the elders choose the careers every child between 12 & up and started training at a young age. Overall, I would rate this book 8 stars out of ten!

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