Elementary School Teacher

What I want to be...

What do you have to do?????

As a Elementary teacher you would get to experience kids learning some of their first life skills. You could teach them to treat people how you want to be treated, manners etc. You would start to teach them how to read, write, do some math etc. It would be pretty amazing seeing them transform and learn from start to finish of that year.

Relationships with Environment...

You could teach them about the environment and how it is good but some people do things bad to it. You could also have a day every week to pick up garbage around the school and teach that littering is not a good thing and not to litter. Kids live in an environment were they think it is safe and ok to do things that their parents do such as litter. So we have to teach right from wrong.

Some things you might teach them...

What will you make.... You will make $51,380 per year

Advantages and Disadvantages....

Advantages...You get to see kids learn and develop more and see them succeed. You might become a better person seeing and teaching little kids.

Disadvantages...You have to grade papers etc. And you have to get up earlier than normal.

What degree you need?

Generally you need a bachelors degree to become a Elementary school teacher. However to become just a public school teacher you just need a certificate or license for the state.

Intersting Facts

In general there aren't any facts that stuck out at me, but there is on that did in my opinion. However one thing is that you are helping kids develop and help with learn life skills. I think that would be cool seeing kids get better and smarter as the year goes on.

All information goes to... http://www.bls.gov/ooh/education-training-and-library/kindergarten-and-elementary-school-teachers.htm

By: Gabriella W.