The Kalimba

By Cameron Major

How it's used!

The Kalimba, also referred to as the thumb piano consists of metal strips placed on a resonator. The strips come in varied lengths. A sound is produced when you pluck the ends of the flexible strips. The original Kalimba was made out of bamboo strips. However, modern day Kalimbas are made with metal strips. The resonator is made from wood. The Kalimba is popularly found in West and Central Africa.
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Amazing Mbira Kalimba musical Instrument

How the Kalimba has contributed to American music!

The Kalimba has contributed to the creation blues because there is many pianos used in blues. The Kalimba is a thumb piano and is typically associated with the xylophone. In this video clip you can hear an authentic piano playing, which sounds like the Kalimba. The Kalimba is a mini piano made out of wood and is used typically in jazz music.
The Jazz Rats - American Blues ( authentic piano )