Convoy of Hope, Springfield MO

Helping Anyone and Everyone, One Noble Hand at a Time

What is Convoy of Hope?

The Convoy of Hope is a non profit organization based in Springfield, Missouri, which plans to further improve and facilitate the lives of those in need or who are not as fortunate as ourselves through fundraisers, charity events, and general good will.

What We Do, and Why it Matters

In short, we provide services to all those who we feel need it, whether this be the homeless or those plagued by natural disasters. We want to create a better, more sensible worldly environment for our future world leaders by giving them a more sustainable present.

Some of the events that the Convoy participates in:
  • children's feedings
  • disaster services
  • female empowerment
  • agriculture
  • rural empowerment

How to Get In Touch with Us

As a non profit organization, we are federally or state funded and have offices all over the country. A new volunteer or donation opportunity is only a click and/or call away. You can also find us on the various social media; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the CoH Blog.

Our phone number: (417) 823-8998