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November 2nd, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

It's been a great week for CDS Middle School! On Monday we held our Term 2 Assembly which allowed us to reflect together on our accomplishments so far this school year, and also to look ahead at the many opportunities coming up before the Winter Break.

On Wednesday next week we're excited to welcome The American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) who will travel all the way from the UK to perform Romeo and Juliet for us. We are also looking forward to the Fall Book Fair on Thursday and Friday.

The CDS MS Halloween Party was a big success again this year! The efforts of the student council clearly paid off as the haunted house exceeded students' expectations for both scariness and fun. Although student council members had to forego some of the fun of being a participant, they are growing as facilitators and leaders and we are all proud of them. I want to thank Ms. Montelibano and Ms. Kim for guiding our young leaders through their planning and problem solving.

We are also very grateful for Ms. Han and all the mothers who helped to plan, organize, and serve a delicious dinner for students and teachers at the party. Thank you. We sincerely appreciate your support and dedication!

In closing, I want to congratulate all the MS Athletic teams who've finished (or will finish) their seasons over the last few weeks. These kids have worked very hard, showed significant growth, and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Many thanks to their coaches for guiding them along the way.

Have a great week!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

[Upcoming Events]

Thanksgiving Schedule & Dismissal

On Thursday, November 28th students will have a half day before a day off on Friday.

Students will be dismissed at 11:30am, classes will be shortened, and there will be no lab on this day. Buses will depart at 11:45am. Since the 28th is a half day, lunch will not be served, so please plan accordingly.

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The American Drama Group Europe (ADGE)

Last year they performed Macbeth, which was a perfect introduction for our 10th graders as they neared their work with the same play in Term 3, and it brought back memories for all of the 11th and 12th graders who had learned about the play and performed their own adaptations over the years.

Next week, after lunch on November 6th, the ADGE performers bring their production of Romeo and Juliet to the CDS stage. It will be a full-length production, including an intermission. All middle and high school students will be in attendance. Just as our high school students have a special connection to Macbeth, those who were here in 8th grade have a connection to Romeo and Juliet. And for everyone in attendance it will be a great opportunity to experience a timeless classic brought to life by a wonderful group of performers.

We have a very unusual situation this year. Because of some difficulty getting the right kind of visas to allow the performers to work in Korea in time for their performance here at CDS, they had a choice to make: they could either cancel the show at CDS and at several other schools and venues, or they could perform for free.

Rather than disappoint their audiences, they chose to travel all the way here from Europe and perform completely free, paying for their own travel expenses while they are here.

This is amazing, and we are truly grateful for this stunning demonstration of commitment and passion for their work.

-Mr. Burton

Finally! The CDS Book Fair Is Here!

We are really excited for our annual CDS Book Fair. Ms. Choo and Ms. Carley have been working hard to ensure that there are high quality books for all age levels. They have also reached out to see which books teachers would recommend to our student body.

We're so glad that MS students now have time built into the school day for reading with SSR and Flex Time. So much research clearly shows the benefits of reading on development - we hope our students can find something they love at this years Book Fair!

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[This week around CDS MS]

Grade 5 - House Activity

In House, students build strong social and emotional habits. We also get to know each other better by sharing things about ourselves in order to build community. This week 5th graders shared something that they like or something that they are thankful for their classmates. Join us to celebrate their videos! Please click on the Flipgrid link below.

- Mr. Biarje

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Chicken Dissection in Science Class

Science is all about hands-on exploration and experimentation. Recently, 7th grade Life Science students have been learning all about the structures of the human body, including bone, muscle, and skin.

In order to find out how all of these structures fit together and function as a whole, we attempted a chicken dissection. Despite a bit of hesitation, most students got right into the dissection, cutting and slicing with fervor. These investigations offered a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of the body as well as a greater appreciation for our own complexities.

- Mr. Howell

Term 2 Assembly

Term 1 Highlights 2019-2020
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2019-20 CDS MS Term 2 Assembly

Term 2 PA Meeting

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Skills Projects in Motion in SDL

In 8th grade Self-Determined Learning class, students have begun to work on their chosen skills project. Stay tuned to learn more about their progress!
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Halloween Party

On Wednesday night, middle school enjoyed a special Halloween Party after school. The students enjoyed different outdoor/indoor activities, movies, dinner, a costume contest, and lastly the haunted house. All of the students seemed to enjoy the activities and had fun while going through the stations! Positioned in the 4th floor, the teachers and the SC also enjoyed scaring and acting in the Haunted House.

Ashley Choi

Phoenix Historian

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2019-20 CDS MS Halloween Party 1
2019-20 CDS MS Halloween Party 2
2019-20 CDS MS Halloween Party 3

[MS KAIAC Athletics (Fall Season)]

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Upcoming Events

11/5 NHD Overview for Grade 6-8 @Small Theater

11/6 Romeo and Juliet Performance

11/7 - 8 Fall Book Fair

11/9 Grade 5 Ultimate Frisbee @CDS

11/9 Badminton @SFS

11/10-15 BookCon Week

11/13 Author Visit - Marissa Moss

11/13 Mathletes - High Four Competition

11/16 Swimming @GSIS

11/16 Grade 5 Soccer @CI

11/22 Mathletes - Noetic Competition

11/22 MS Science Fair

11/28 Thanksgiving (1/2 Day)

11/29 Thanksgiving (No School)

11/30 Grade 5 Volleyball @CI