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23 July 2020


Important Dates

FRIDAY 24 JULY - NAIDOC Day Celebrations

FRIDAY 24 JULY - Fathering Project Dad's event 7pm Cottesloe Hotel

TUESDAY 28 JULY - Board Meeting 7pm

WEDNESDAY 29 JULY - Kindy Library Incursion


FRIDAY 07 AUGUST - Mary MacKillop Feast Day

MONDAY 10 AUGUST - P & F Meeting

FRIDAY 28 AUGUST - First Holy Communion 5.30pm

TUESDAY 22 SEPTEMBER - School Photo Day


Monday 24 August

Friday 25 September

Monday 12 October

Prayer to begin a new Semester

Lord, as we prepare for the coming of a new semester, make us ready, attentive and available to hear you.

Thank You for the gift of being able to rise each day with the assurance that You walk through it with us.

Thank You for the gifts of creativity and uniqueness, and the energy to put them to good use.

May all that we are today, all that we try to do today, may all our encounters, reflections, even the frustrations and failings all be placed in your hands.

May the work we do and the way we do it, bring new hope, new life, and courage

to all we come in contact with this semester.

We thank you, Lord. Amen

Welcome to St Thomas'

A special warm welcome to Harry B, Harry H and Lincoln who have joined St Thomas' Pre Kindy and to Hati who commenced in Pre Primary on Tuesday.

We know you will join us in making them all feel very welcome.


Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to the new semester. I hope you all enjoyed a restful break. It was lovely to see the children on Tuesday; they had lots of holiday stories to share.

This term we will be slowly transitioning back to some normalcy on the school calendar by reintroducing some events with alterations to meet COVID-19 restrictions as mandated by CEWA and the government. We appreciate your patience and understanding with these modifications to ensure that St Thomas’ continues to be a welcoming and safe place for all our community members.

A new semester is an opportunity for students to reset and reflect on goals they would like to achieve before the end of the year. Partnerships between school and home are important for your child to maximise their potential. After reviewing your child's mid-year report, I hope you have a better understanding of their strengths, challenges and possibly an idea of some strategies for supporting them with their learning at home.

As we begin Semester two, I have included some strategies that may assist up at home to establish good work habits in your child.


• Allocate specific spaces for study, away from distractions such as TVs, computers and phones.

• Encourage students to plan their time using timetables and diaries.

• Allow children adequate time for sleep and leisure activities.

• Clearly communicate your expectations to your child and celebrate success.

• Encourage students to be reflective about their work.

• Provide encouragement particularly when your child finds the task challenging.

• Regularly talk to your child about their learning and what's happening at school.

• Reading is an important activity in the life of a child. Encourage reading or better still model it in your household.

Staff Professional Development Monday 20 July

Whilst students were preparing to come back to school, staff were involved in professional learning centred on our Vision for Learning. This Vision for Learning articulates Five Teacher Practices, which provide teachers with an understanding of pedagogical practices that enhance learning. These practices support teachers in their own learning and development and enable them to develop their professional judgement in discerning how and when to apply specific practices.

NAIDOC Celebrations

This Friday, students will be immersed in NAIDOC celebrations. A day has been planned with many educational activities, including a Welcome to Country, Prayer, History, Art, Dance and Sport. Students will also be involved in making damper.

School Uniform

It is pleasing to see the children wear their St Thomas’ winter uniform with pride. Our colours burgundy and blue represent our heritage and tradition. A reminder that the blue jackets are optional and can be worn to and from school. However, they are not a replacement for the burgundy winter school jumper. We ask students not to wear the jackets during the day as they have their school jumper or sports tracksuit top to wear. Often, they take their jumpers off as their get warm playing and running around during the breaks. They do not play outside when it is raining or when there is extreme weather.

COVID-19 Update

We are still in Phase 4 of the COVID-19 Regulations. A reminder to please inform the school if anyone in your immediate family is being tested for COVID-19 and to keep your children at home until test results have been obtained. Please remember that if your children are unwell they should be kept at home. The school has a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan in place and we are working closely with CEWA regarding any updates.

Thank you for your continuing support

May God bless your week

Natalia Thomson


St Thomas' Feast Day

St Thomas’ Feast Day was a wonderful celebration! The day started with a Prayer Service attended by the Presentation Sisters and John Prichard our Board Chairperson. The Presentation Sisters were presented with flowers and handmade cards and then enjoyed a morning tea. They enjoyed talking to staff and children and stayed to lunchtime, they were having so much fun!

The children participated in many exciting activities with their buddies! They rotated through stations that included games, dance, art, craft and construction. The St Thomas’ Shoebox Village was a great hit with some wonderful creations. The children enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch and juice box generously provided by the Parish and the school provided icy poles.

A special thanks goes to Sharon Tee for coordinating and the parents who cooked and served lunch. Thank you to all the families who provided shoeboxes! A big thank you to the Mini Vinnies Team who made prayer cards for every student! What a fantastic way to end Term 2!

Curriculum Corner

Helping Children Transition Back to School

The winter holidays are over, and it is time to help your child transition back to school. Routine is an important aspect of this transition and is defined as an established sequence of events occurring at the same time and in the same order every time. It makes a child’s life predictable, helps them to feel safe and reduces anxiety. Routine will also aid in the development of self-confidence, independence and in the transition between activities. Re-establishing a routine does not have to be an all-or-nothing exercise. In fact, a slow but progressive approach is more likely to be successful and will ultimately be easier on everyone in the house.

We can also help our children with the transition by encouraging them to express how they feel about going back to school and validating their concerns. A conversation opener such as the following may be helpful: "It's a big thing going back to school and it's ok if you feel a bit worried. That's really understandable and normal.” After validation comes strength: where we tell our children it might be a bit hard at first but it's going to be ok, and we know they're going to get through this.

We can sometimes underestimate how resilient children are and how easily they can adapt. Once they are back with their friends and back with the teacher, they'll settle back in.

Sports News

Term 3 – Athletic Carnivals – Save the date

Friday 4th September - St Thomas Athletics Carnival

Jumps and Throws for Years 1-6 will be held during class time in the weeks before the carnival. The student points will count towards champion points and calculated together at the St Thomas Athletics carnival. More information about this will be in the next newsletter:

Thursday 24th September – Interschool Athletics Carnival

Term 4 – Cross Country – Save the date

Friday 16th October - St Thomas Cross Country Carnival

Friday 30th October - Interschool Cross Country Carnival

Sporting Communities

Free Soccer Coaching session – Afterschool Wednesday 12th August

Dean Evans, the Co-Owner of The Football Centre, a one of a kind indoor training, development and tournament facility based in Osborne Park is offering a free soccer coaching session clinic at our school on Wednesday 12th August. They also offer a 7 week program for interested students thereafter.

To book in for the free session please use the link below.

All TFC coaches have their First Aid and current Working with Children Checks. To find out more about our coaches please click here

Sharon Seaman

Physical Education Teacher

Lost Property

We have a pair of children's glasses which have been handed in to the office. If your child is missing theirs please drop by or ring Julie.

Also the 'Lost box' located near the library exit door has several PE jackets, jumpers and other items waiting to be claimed.

Entertainment Books P&F Fundraiser

Big picture

School of Martial Arts free trial

Start the term off right by learning focus and self-discipline. Confident children always achieve their best! For a two week free trial call now on

0429 123 202.

Extend Before and After School Care

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