3rd Grade Weekly Update

Ms. Coffey Ms. Gonzales Ms. Juarez Ms. Messer

May 11- May 14

Message to our Students and Families

Please remember if you have questions or concerns you can reach out to your child's teacher. We are here for you and your child during this time.

Keep up the hard work! We are proud of you for keeping up with your assignments!

Your child should be completing Choice Board 4 this week

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Submitting Assignments and Grades

Please remember we are taking one math and one reading grade each week.

We have many options to turn in work to your teachers

1. Seesaw - Add new journal activity or respond to activity on seesaw, take a picture and post it to your journal. Please make sure that pictures are not blurry and are legible. You can add more than one picture to each post.

2. Classtag/Dojo - Take a picture of your work and send it to your teacher through the website she uses, classtag or dojo.

3. Email or Text - Send a picture of your work to your teacher through email or text message

4. Drop Off - Drop your packet of at Edgewood PD, they will be collected and turned into your teacher weekly


Tutoring will be available for one hour 3 times a week. Please check with your teacher for the day and time. Tutoring will be held on Teams or Zoom, check with your teacher with which one you will be using. You may also contact your teacher outside of these times with questions. You can contact us through seesaw, classtag/dojo, text, phone call, or email.
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Important Dates

May 18th - If your child is completing the paper packet you must turn it into to Edgewood PD by May 18th for your child to receive credit for his or her work. Packets must be turned in May 18th so that proper Covid-19 CDC guidelines can be followed when handling the packets.

May 22nd - If your child has been submitting work electronically all work must be submitted by May 22nd for your child to receive credit.

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