1936 Summer Olympics Controversy

By Althea and Alysha

A Twisted Time

The 1936 summer Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany. This was quite a scandal because of the time period. At the time that the location was announced, Hitler was not in power, but when the Olymics finally occured, he was. Some people wer openly opposed to having the olympics there and wanted it to be relocated. Hitler was very pleased about the location of the Olympics, and showcased his Nazi party and beliefs to the world. Instead of simply making the olympics an envent of world unity, Hitler made it about the Nazi party and the supposedly superior German race. Some people boycoted the olympics all together. Hitler was outraged because Jesse Owens, an American track and field athlete, outshone all of the German athletes who competed in these competitions. Hitler wanted to prove that the Germans were superior, but Owens proved this wrong.

A First Time For Everything

Despite Hitler's corruption of the games, there were many important 'firsts' that happened during the 1936 Olympics. For one, this was the beginning of the tradition of lighting the torch in Greece. After the torch is lit in Greece, it is passed on and makes its way around the world until it reaches the sight of the games. This tradition is still in practice today.