"Jackson The Hero"

The Wizard of all Presidents!!

The Power of VETO!!

The reason why president Andrew Jackson is a hero because he destroyed the National Bank with the power of Veto! When he heard that Henry Clay was involved with this, he knew he had to get rid of the Bank for good. It was personal.

The Duel of ALL Duels

An interesting fact about Jackson was that he never lost a dual before, he was shot about 3 times and never fatally injured in 1 of them....obviously. His latest one was against John Quincey Adams and he won that duel and was after that the best.

The White House Party!!!!

Instead of inviting only the rich, but invited the rich and poor the the party. Jackson didn't even care, he's a person who thought certain things that were fair were unfair.
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The Political Cartoon about Jackson.

All I can tell you is that Jackson had a different explanation about politics and he really meant business. This is one of Jackson's duels in the past and has never lost in any of them. Even though he was wounded in all of them, but that didn't stop is couragement in life as a independent president.