Comanche Native Americans

By: Perla Munoz Date:9/15/16 Class period:1st

Critical Thinking Questions

How does the Native American's modifications in the region compare to our current day modifications?

How did the Native Americans adaptions compare to our current day adaptions?

Essential Question

How did the Comanche Native Americans successfully adapt to the environment?

How did the geography in the region of Texas of Camanche impact the way they live?

In the Buffalo is known for being in the Great Plains. The Comanche tribe often ate buffalo. Since the Comanche tribe eats buffalo often they have to be a nomadic tribe. The tribe got horses from the Pueblo Indians. While the Native Americans were traveling and a woman was in labor the woman gave birth and went back to work after a few days. During the Summer, temperatures continued to grow into hundreds. There weren't many rivers in the Great Plains so, Comanche tribes got water from lakes instead.