AARI Newsletter

Spring 2014

It's All in the DATA!

We are asking that all educators send in any and all data they have collected from the 2013-2014 school year. Data is what keeps AARI going! Click here to access the data collection sheet. Please use the highest instructional level (or the highest level before frustration) for both QRI pre and post.

All teachers that submit their data will be entered to win two sets of an AARI book.

To submit your data, please email your data collection sheet to Caroline Thompson. Deadline for data submission is June 1, 2014The winners will be announced in June.

AARI Advanced Institute 2014

Tuesday, Aug. 5th, 9am-3pm

2111 Pontiac Lake Rd

Waterford Township, MI

Please join us for the 2014 AARI Advanced Institute. This opportunity is for all educators that have attended the AARI Institute. Every year the Advanced Institute is new and provides opportunities for deeper thinking and collaboration with other AARI educators. We hope to see you there! This is a two day event!

Please contact Patty Ellsworth with any questions regarding this event!

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Need BOOKS????

Do not forget about the Oakland Schools Lending Library. Every AARI title is in stock! All you have to do is get a library card and type in AARI in the catalog. Judy Hauser will even send the books out to you and you can return them through interoffice mail! The titles come in sets of six.

Sign up for your card NOW!

Great FREE Resources

Here are some great resources for your classroom.

News ELA is a free website that you gives articles in different content areas and allows you to get different levels of text of the same article. Lexicon levels are used to level the text. For more information about this website click here.

Book Builder is a free website that could be used for creating your own versions of texts to help support learners of all levels and to differentiate instruction.

Wufoo is a free website that allows you to create and email different forms. You could use this to find out more information about your students to other teachers or parents.

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