R. L. Stine

By: Priscila Santiago

Getting Entertained With R. L. Stine's Amazing Books

Ever since that I started reading his books, I always got entertained with his books. So far, I have read "Vampire Breath", "Night of the Living Dummy", and etc (I'm ending it because I don't really remember the other books). I really love his books and they always take me into another world. I really would recommend his books because it's so amazing how it takes you into another world. I really hope he makes more books like this.

The new of R.L. Stine came out and I really wanted to watch it. When I went to the movies to watch the movie, it was very cool when I saw it because it had so many details and I loved the illustrations. It almost looked realistic. It is the best movie I ever saw, FOR NOW. :)

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