The Longmore Learners

Week of May 9th

End of the Year

This might be my last Smore newsletter this year. I am not sure I will get one done next week. Thank you for putting up with my incessant emails, text and technology this year. You have amazing kids and I am looking forward to seeing what great places go in the future!
This week we will finalize MAP testing with our Math sessions. The kids are ready. We have worked hard in Math and they are ready for this test. I hope you have a second to tell them that.
After that, I have a Health Unit I have to cram into a few days. I will take the important pieces and teach those as we continue with our Poetry unit.

MAP Testing

****Don't forget your headphones for 2 more days****

Students are welcome to bring a snack of fresh fruits and vegetables to eat before the test.

Weekly Calendar

Compared to last week, this is slow week.

Monday, May 9th

Day 2 - PE
9:15-11:15 Math MAP test Session 1

Tuesday, May 10th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
9:15-11:15 Math Map test Session 2
Maker Space Day

Wednesday, May 11th
Day 1 - Art
June Birthday Celebration in the Cafe - please do not make plans to bring lunch/share lunch with your student.

Thursday, May 12th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
Birthday Celebration - Stuffed Animal Day & PJs
4:30 PM Parent Showing of the Growth and Development Movie

Friday, May 13th

Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
Birthday Celebration - PJ and stuffed animal day
Update Data Binders

Monday, May 16th
MAP celebration

Thursday, May 19th
Early Release Day
Last Day of School

This Week In Math

After Math testing this week, I have plans to work through Topic 15, which is in preparation for 5th grade Math. I am searching for some more interactive activities to do in Math as well, so I will keep you updated. Topic 15 is problem solving using geometry and measurement.

This Week In ELA

We will continue with poetry and Health this week, focusing on poetry.

Read Aloud
We will continue to read the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Every student will read as I read aloud. The main objective of this read aloud is the comparison between written text and visual media. We will watch short snippets of the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as we go.

Writing & Reading
Poetry will be the main subject for reading and writing.

We will be focusing on How the body works in a little more detail than they did last year. We will add how to eat healthy and communicable diseases as well.

Small Reading Groups

I hope to be finished with these fiction books by the end of the this week and beginning of next week. Wish us luck! Its hard to stay on a schedule when the schedule is all mixed up!

Purple: Pie
Red: I Survived the Nazi Invasion of 1944.
Orange: Icefall
Blue: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
Neon Green: Holes

Spelling Week 32

We will have one more week of spelling and believe it or not, I got through the entire spelling curriculum!

Root words: cred, flex/flect

"cred" is a Latin root, meaning “to believe”
"flex" and "flect" are Latin roots meaning “to bend”

inflexible, inflection, reflection, deflective, reflective, credible, incredible, discredit, incredulous, credential

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Voice Threads
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