3 types of Caterpillars

by Lauren Bengele

First type - willy worm

This cinde of caterpillar is called a willy wrom because it has a brown spot in the midl and the rest is black . willy bears can chang there skin in difrint seeson and there is a nuther cinde that livs in difrint sate it has to un frees every spring and winter .

Right: this is a picker of a willy worm

Second type tomato worm

this kind isint actually a worm it a caterpillar and it has a fac stinger so it can look like a poisonous and It can get the sies of your thumb and it can eat tomato plants and they can eat for a our thats how much they have to eat are different kindes.

Picture to right: tomato worm

Third type - monarch

This type has a black and yellow striped culer and it can also get the sise a thumb

and it eats a plant called the monarch bush there are different kindes and they have to when they grow up they to fly all the way to Mexico when it is omost winter all of them fly to Mexico then they come back in the spring then they lay there eggs and there also different kindes sincenteses ben seting them for years. Picture to the right; monarch