want bad breath to go away?


where does bad breath come from?

Remember that because your teeth and gums are living tissues, bacteria and germs thrive inside, in all the little crevices and corners. This is why good oral hygiene is usually the best thing for treating your breath condition. You need to floss to get at food particles and germs between your teeth, and rinse your mouth to get everything else out.

candy and peppermints

some of us just use peppermmints and gum to cover our bad breath but candy is not good for your teeth and when you go to bed without brushing your teeth your breath will smell like rotten milk.

the secret formula

10 tbsp thyme leaves10 tbsp mint leaves5 euctalyptus leaves3 tsp cloves3/4 vodka4 tbsp glycerinadd all of the ingredients except the glycerin to the the blenderand blend. leave for 10 days to a month  to macelerate.strain through a cheesecloth and then stir in the glycerin.put the mixture into a spray bottle and your good to go. 


USE: spray 1g into the mouth when needed. this mixture includeds alcohal so make sure to not use when driving and pregnant.