New Books!

Summer 2015 Additions

Book List


B BER Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland (2015) by Amanda Berry

B HOW Life After Chemo (2005) by Sandy Howard


CHB LIG Have You Seen My Monster? (2015) by Steve Light


004.678 JAM Disconnected (2014) by Carrie James

060.42 ROB Robert’s Rules of Order (2011) by Henry M. Roberts III

302.231 KEE The Internet is not the Answer (2015) by Andrew Keen

303.4833 SIL Terms of Service (2015) by Jacob Silverman

304.873 POR Immigrant America (2014) by Alejandro Portes

305.513 PUT Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (2015) by Robert D. Putnam

305.9069 DRE Everyday Illegal (2015) by Joanna Dreby

325.73 REG Detained and Deported (2015) by Margaret Regan

327.172 WOR *World Peace (2015) edited by Margaret Haerens

331.4 WOR *Working Women (2015) edited by Noah Berlatsky

331.6272 SCH They Never Come Back (2014) by Frank J. Schryer

333.794 ENE *Energy Solutions (2015) edited by Sylva Engdahl

343.7309 MIL Privacy in the New Media Age (2015) by Jon L. Mills

346.794 YOS Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial (2015) by Kenji Yoshino

362.4086 KIN Paying with Their Bodies (2015) by John M. Kinder

362.566 CAM Trapped in America’s Safety Net (2014) by Andrea Louise Campbell

362.86 VET *Veterans (2015) edited by Dedria Bryfonski

510 TYM Sneaky Math: A Graphic Primer with Projects by Cy Tymony

570.9 GER The Biology Book (2015) by Michael C. Gerald

614.47 NEW Vaccination Controversies (2013) by David E. Newton

616.89 SCU Madness in Civilization: A Cultural History of Insanity (2015) by Andrew Scull

635.977 URB Urban. Forest. Tree. An Urban Forestry Guidebook for the San Joaquin Valley

636 FAC *Factory Farming (2015) edited by Lauri S. Scherer

810.81 POE The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe

818.52 BEL There is Simply Too Much to Think About (2015) by Saul Bellow

940.5317 REE Infamy: The Shocking Story of the Japanese American Internment in World War II (2015) by Richard Reeves


REF 025.04 HAC Research and Documentation in the Digital Age (2015) by Diana Hacker

REF 150.3 APA APA Dictionary of Psychology (2015) edited by Gary R. VandenBos

REF 378.794 NEU The Guide to California’s Community College Registered Nursing Programs (2012) by Alexander Neu

REF 423 WEB Webster’s New World College Dictionary (2014)

REF 808 TUR A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (2008) revised by Wayne C. Booth