Mobile Learning with Apple Apps


The Bookabi App allows children to tell storied and add drawings. The app has a vast variety of 2D and 3D people, backgrounds, objects, stickers, all of which you can choose where to place and fit to size. Speech bubbles can be added in for dialogue. Within the app you can make a cover page, and add pages into your story.

I believe that this could be used in a classroom, as an assignment for assessment. For example I could teach the students kitchen safety, and further ask them to create a book outlining 3 ways to be safe in a kitchen through pictures and dialog.

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Spelling City

Spelling city has many spelling games in which can be played using a self created word list. These games include, but are not limited to, TestMe and HangMouse. A game such as TestMe is a spelling test that will read the word aloud and also use it in a sentence, and allow time for the student to type to correct word in.

This could be used in a classroom to allow students to write spelling tests at their own pace. They could also use the other games within the app to practice their spelling with their words of the week.

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Student Clicker Socrative

Student Clicker Socrative is an app in which allows students to interact anonymously with a teacher lead program. The teacher can make poll questions or other activities, in which the students will each have an opportunity to submit their answers through this app.

This can be used in a classroom to review subject matter, such as math questions, before a test. It will give the teacher feedback on what the students do or do not know, and what areas can be worked on.

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Sushi Monster

Scholastic made this game to help practice and repeat basic math facts. The goal of the game is to help the monster make a target sum or product, through the use of reasoning strategies. You earn points for correct answers, which also helps with motivation.

This can be used in a classroom during math review time as the students will be able to go onto the app and practice their math skills. If they finish other assignments early, they might also want to go on this app to practice.

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Eat-and-Move- O-Matic

Eat and Move O-Matic is a fun app where students are able to manipulate two dials to see how many calories are in commonly found food. Also displayed is how much exercise, shown in multiple ways such as time swimming, or distance running, the student needs to do to burn off those calories.

This app can be used in the classroom during a Health unit, with an easy to use app to help the students gain better understanding about calorie intake and exercise. It will allow the students to enter in common foods they eat to help better understand what is being "burnt off" when they are exercising.

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