The Outsiders

By S.E Hinton


Ponyboy said that there are two types of people in this world, the "Socs" aka the rich kids, and the "Greasers" the poor underclass, below everyone else. There is this group that Ponyboy hangouts with Darry, Soda and Johnny. They make there own rules and no one could stop the things they would get into. But sometimes they can go way too far!!!. The whole gang tries to protect each other from the Socs, but one night the Socs were drunk and Johnny pulled a knife an killed one of the Socs!!!! Johnny was saving Ponyboy because the Soc was drowning him. After that happens, Johnny and Ponyboy run from the law, because they don't want to go to jail. Because they are "Greasers" they think that the police won't believe them.


I picked this book because it sounded really interesting.. My opinion of the book was that it was really good. I liked how the plot was totally different then the way it is now. My favorite part is when Ponyboy and Johnny were escaping from the law, and they saved the children from a church fire. They turned from juvenile delinquents to heroes. I never disliked it, it was filled with excitement all the way through. I rate this book five stars easy! I recommend this book to anyone over 13 because it is a little mature for some audiences.
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The Outsiders (1983) - Trailer
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