Travis Walker

Fast Facts

Continent--- North America

Capital--- Ottawa

Population--- 35,099,836

Area--- 3,855,101 square miles

Main language--- French but 60% also speak English

Main religions--- 40.6% Catholic 23.9% none 20.3% Protestant

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C--- 471.37 miles

First Area of Culture--- holidays

Many of Canadian holidays are the same or similar with a different name. For example of similar with different name they have Remembrance day which they celebrate fallen Canadian soldiers like our Memorial day. Examples of the same holidays are Christmas Thanks Giving, Easter and labor day most of these are religious holidays. Canada also has Their own holidays like Canada day and Carnaval de Quebec and many more. Canada day is on July first which celebrates when some provinces and territory came together. Carnaval de Quebec is a 2 week period when Quebec has '' two weeks of fun'' mixed with a normal two weeks.

Second area of culture---Recreation

Canada's recreation involves a lot of out door activity's most of what you would do in camping trip. Some examples are fishing canoeing hunting and cycling. Some of the sports they play are bowling soccer and in the winter ice hockey (their national sport) and lacrosse(their other national sport). The popular spectator sports are college basket ball and foot ball. The older generation enjoys curling a similar game to hockey .

Third area of cultue---Food

Canadian food can vary through the province meaning the area where you live can change the food you eat like anywhere else. For some examples are the Atlantic area province's where there seafood is common people eat seafood a lot. Around Quebec French food is a common thing like pastries bread crepes ETC. But if your in central Canada you might find wild rice, beef and more. The western side of Canada holds a lot of immigrant's so they have a lot of food options like salmon hamburgers caribou berries and many many more .


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This is a photo of the Torontos Blue Jays dome and the CN tower