Inspiring Charmers Owlways

June 2015

Welcome to Summertime!!!!

They've done it again! More excitement for us!! Make sure you check for news here, in your Back Office, as well as in our Facebook group! You're not gonna wanna miss a thing! Here are a few highlights of what's happening in our team as well as with O2!

Whooo wants a FREE Fall Hostess Exclusive!!!

Everyone better be raising their hands!!!

Origami Owl is doing things they've NEVER done before and it's soooo exciting!!!

Make sure you know what your May PV was, then add $250 to that, and get that or more for your June PV-- and you've got yourself a free Fall Hostess Exclusive!!! What this exclusive will be is going to be announced at Convention in July!!! I can't wait!!!

CASH Bonuses....

.... they've got your name all over them! Just gotta grab 'em while you can! These bonuses end July 31 so PLEASE start this month knowing what you need to achieve in order to collect some of these!! :D TONS of money is being given away here ladies! Let's get it!!! Please take a look at the Checklist I have created to help you keep track of these bonuses and more. A new version of this was posted on Inspiring Charmers Owlways FB page today.

***Please fill this out and send it to me or bring it to our meeting Monday!!!

I really want you all to think about your goals and then share them with me so we can work as a team to get you to where you want to go! Also, I want to make sure you know what CASH bonuses are available to you! So by you filling this checklist/form in, I can see where you may or may not need clarification. :) These end soon so don't MONEY just because you didn't look into them!

Summer is here!!

Make sure you tell everyone you know about our new Summer and MLB items!!! These are quickly becoming a HUGE hit!!! And some of our Summer charms are Limited Edition, so don't miss these! And don't let your customers miss them either!!!

Our Team Summer Training Meeting is Monday!!!

Please make sure you have RSVPed to the FB event for our Training on Monday! If you do not have FB, I strongly urge you to create an account just to keep up with news and more! You may also reply to this email if you would like more info on our training Monday night! I hope you can make it if you are in the Orlando area! If not, I will be having a FB Training Event ASAP.
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Have a fabulous month ladies!!! Can't wait to watch you achieve so much!!! Please let your mentor or myself know if we can help in any way!

Please visit in your Back Office for the latest in News and Updates including a registration link for New Designer Webinars!! I'm telling you, you don't want to miss these!