UT Austin

About the college

1.UT has more than 1000 clubs and organizations in the school itself.

2.The school has a huge enrollment of more than 53,000 students in total.

3.The university is an urban University, located/situated in the city of Austin,Texas.

4.You can visit the College Campus anytime of the year.

5.The in-state tuition is 9,798 dollars while out-of-state tuition is 34,722 dollars.

6.The college is about two hours away from home.

7.The deadline to register is October 1st for fall and March 1st for the spring deadline.

8.The test scores required to be accepted are about 1600 for the sat and a score of 22 or higher for the ACT.

9.The majors offered are:Engineering , Education, Architecture, Fine arts, Liberal arts,etc.

10.The student-faculty ratio is 17.74:1.

11.The colors of the University are white and burnt orange.

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