"I have a Dream..."

Monday Memo, January 18, 2016

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Wishing you deep reflection on this day!

Dates to Note:

Wednesday, January 20:
  • Community Conversation with 6th and 7th grade parents @ 6-7:30 pm

Thursday, January 21:

  • Parent Ed: Primary to Lower Moving UP 6-7:30 pm

Monday, January 25:

  • Golf Team Parent meeting @ 3:45
  • First day of Discovering Me 9:30-11 am

Tuesday, January 26:

  • Oak Farm Connects @ Warm Heart Food Pantry in Waterloo

Thursday, January 28:

  • Parent Ed: Lower to Upper Moving Up 6-7:30 pm
  • Toddler Cook Day

Friday, January 29:

  • Infant/Toddler closed

Megan's Minutes....


Valentine's Day

In planning for the upcoming Valentine's Day, please remember to observe our policy on sugar. Study of the the holiday may include special projects, but not candy. Please remind your parents, as well.

January Mid-Winter Parent Updates
Classroom teachers, please make a point to make phone or email contact with each of your student's parents within the next two weeks if you have not updated them since conferences. Provide a short update on what is going on in the classroom, with a focus on new works of interest, growth towards goals, portrait of a graduate characteristics, skills mastered, or other positive notes. Leaving voice mails with an invitation to return the phone call is fine. If emailing, make sure to include photos.

Specialists, I encourage you to also send out an email to parents inviting a phone call or personal email exchange so you can dialogue about students' progress.

Thank you!


Dear Faculty,

Attendance at the Tall Oak Gala is strictly voluntary. Please feel welcome to attend as a guest in support of the school for a night of socializing, wining, dining and fun.

This year, it is not yet clear what the needs are for staffing/volunteers at the event. Closer to the date, some people may receive a request to work for a portion of the evening in exchange for a ticket. However, at this time, if you wish to attend, please plan on purchasing your ticket.


Sam Fry Banter

"Help Me!!! A Monster is chasing me!!!" From the Victorian Farmhouse.

Remember to email me with any funny over hears that have tickled your funny bone!!
We are needing to hear from the other buildings!

FAVORITE THINGS - raindrops on roses? whiskers on kittens?

One of our parents (Anna Outten) has put together a Google Form to collect our "favorite things." This is something that she will be able to access when making plans for Faculty Appreceation Week and Nan will be able to access when parents or coworkers want to give a little does of sunshine to someone, So, please, use the link below to fill out your favorite things, it won't take long, promise! :)


"I have a dream today ...

"I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, that every hill and mountain shall be made low. The rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight."

Martin Luther King Jr.

We now have a Piano Lessons Calendar!

I have created a Piano lessons calendar and have shared it with teachers who have students taking lessons. If your student is taking lessons in the Green Farmhouse, It will have GFH behind their name. If they are taking lessons at the Prairie House, they will have a PH behind their name. If you are in administration and received a share, it is just for an FYI. If you have any questions, please shoot me an e-mail. Thanks!

"And the house of the year goes to ......"

Congratulations to the Lowe Family for winning the Wall Street Journal House of the Year! They live in what was called the McCray Mansion that was built in 1928 by Elmer Ellsworth McCray the owner of McCray Refrigerator Co. in Kendallville! For more on this topic go to the link:

What an Honor!!!

A Moment with Macy.....


Macy will be sending an email with an attached document with descriptions of all classroom projects that the Gala Committee is planning on having at this year's auction. Please read over your auction item to be sure you like how it will be described in any publications to parents. If we are missing something or if there is a mistake,email Nikole Albright (nikole@profsearchgroup.com) or Macy ASAP. We need to have all edits done by this Wednesday (Jan 20.) The quick turn-around is due to planning & printing times.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS 4 Kindergarten - Middle School Students

Registration forms were given to you all at the end of the day last Thursday. If you have not done so already, please send them home with your students. In case you need additional copies of this form, you can find it saved on the w-drive, under quick reference>event info!

CHESS Club - wanna help?!

Anyone interested in helping during Chess Club Monday afternoons from 3:15-4:30? The leader of the club is a community member and we found it is helpful to have a faculty member available. You could get paid a little extra to help with crowd control, classroom set-up, carline and being sure the building is locked up at the end of club... you don't have to know a thing about chess! Let Macy know ASAP if you are interested and available - Club starts Monday, Feb 1 and runs for 6 weeks

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!

Discovery Me is starting up next week, January 25! Only on Mondays from 9:30 - 11 am. Can't wait!

Also, get your golfers around!! Call out meeting for parents is January 25, @ 3:45. Practices start February 9!! FORE!!!

Vic House Staff: on Discovering Me Monday Mornings, could you please park closer to the Vic House entrance to open up spots for the DM Parents to park close to Infant Toddler area? We will need 10 parking spots for DM parents.

Bus Issues.....

Our large bus has had some mechanical issues, so it is out for repair for a few days. So if you see our small bus with some minivans behind it, we are doing all we can to accommodate. We are hoping that it is back and running by Thursday.

Did you know.....

Winter getting you down? Need a pick me up? Maybe this is old news to you, but I have discovered a new motivator called TED talks!! There is one in particular that I enjoyed over the weekend:
Brene` Brown: The power of Vulnerability

So check it out!!

If there is anything you wish to share from your classroom please e-mail me with pictures and what great things are happening!

I have a dream....

But not only that. Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee. Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, from every mountain side. Let freedom ring . . .

Martin Luther King Jr.